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Data Transformation as a Service (“DTaaS”)

Data Conversion

Switching back office systems? nVirtua can transform your legacy data quickly and with minimal interruption to your ongoing operations. Our Data Pre-Screening process will enable you to review and transform values prior to integration, allowing you to leverage all of your data in a single platform..

Global Data Consolidation

nVirtua can create monthly, daily, or real-time data consolidation for reporting integrations.

  • Multiple formats converted to a single integrated format
  • Multi–Currency conversion supported
  • Secure FTP delivery
  • New/custom integrations can be completed in 8–10 weeks.*

Data Archival and Recall

nVirtua can securely store your data in original or consolidated format, and make it available for recall as necessary. Our recall agreements will be designed to meet your needs and objectives.

*All time estimates are based on actual previous experience with mega, mid and small integrations.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

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